[Can you eat mung bean porridge just after pregnancy]_Pregnant woman_Can you eat

[Can you eat mung bean porridge just after pregnancy]_Pregnant woman_Can you eat

Many women change their tastes after pregnancy, and the choice of food also affects the development of the fetus in the female belly.

The nutritional value of mung beans is very rich, but it is not suitable for some people.

There are also a variety of ways to eat mung beans, which can be paired with mung bean porridge. At the stage when a woman is just pregnant, her diet needs special care.

Can you eat mung bean porridge when you are just pregnant?


After pregnancy, you can drink some mung bean soup or mung bean porridge properly. Generally, it has no effect. Mung bean soup has a cooling effect. You can drink some if you get angry, but it is better not to use too much mung beans.The soup is cold, so as not to cause too much food to cause gastrointestinal upset, which will affect the health of pregnant women and babies. After pregnancy, we must pay attention to diet conditioning, do not eat too many cold foods, and strengthen nutrition.


It is possible to take it properly. The key is to avoid partial eclipse during pregnancy. The diet can be widely consumed.

Eat high-protein high-quality protein foods and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Do not drink coffee, quit smoking, and do not touch toxic substances and radiation sources.

The diet of pregnant women must be balanced, grains, vegetables, fruits, chicken, duck and fish all need to be eaten. Except for spicy and cold ones, the rest are basically not taboo.


Note that pregnant women do not eat mung bean soup or mung bean porridge when fasting, because mung bean soup is cold, and drinking mung bean soup on an empty stomach is not good for the stomach.

In addition, the weak pregnant women have poor digestive ability in the stomach and intestines, and the protein in mung beans is more than that in chickens. If they eat, they will easily cause diarrhea.

Pregnant women taking special drugs cannot drink mung bean soup, and the detoxification effect of mung beans can also decompose the drug, reducing the effect and affecting the treatment.